Thursday, February 24, 2011

Top ten guidelines for successful cosmetic surgery

Cosmetic surgery is becoming increasingly popular in the UK and there are no signs of this trend slowing down. But with cosmetic surgery is a very personal decision and many are unaware of the important aspects that should be considered when their light with a cosmetic surgery procedure such as breast augmentation or liposuction. This article contains some general advice in line with the recommendation that BAAPS (British Association of aesthetic plastic surgeons) for individuals considering with cosmetic surgery.
Cosmetic surgery guidelines
1. make your own decision: when considering having cosmetic surgery always remember that you are the expert on your appearance and desires. Don't let others convince you with cosmetic surgery procedure you had little concern about before your consultation. Do what you feel is right for you.
2. choose the right cosmetic surgeon: it is important to choose a qualified surgeon is adequately trained. If you are considering cosmetic surgery in the UK then ensure that the cosmetic surgeon you choose is registered with the GMC (General Medical Council). All plastic surgeons who are accredited in the United Kingdom are also available on the Register to be a Specialist in plastic surgery. You should check if the cosmetic surgeon who will be performing your procedure in the registry. It is also important that you personally enjoy cosmetic surgeon that you have selected for your cosmetic surgery.
3. Consent: all procedures for cosmetic surgery has an associated risk and constraints. Obtain as much information as you can about the risks and benefits of cosmetic surgery procedure you are considering and make their own decisions as to whether it is right for you. Don't be pressurised to having cosmetic surgery.
4. contact your GP: your GP has your wellbeing in mind. Number of GP are happy to offer non-judgemental and unbiased advice to their patients so that they can form an informed decision when considering having cosmetic surgery.
5. carefully consider placement: you should have your cosmetic surgery procedure at a location that suits you. This should mean to choose a location where you will be able to get the appropriate record vital care which includes a management plan should any complications arise. Do not travel long distances (e.g. abroad) unless an appropriate follow-up care plan will be on site.
6. Select the correct time for your surgery: it is advisable that you have cosmetic surgery over a period of time during which you will be able to rest and recover, unless exceptional circumstances, it is best to avoid cosmetic surgery if you are going through major life events that change houses, change jobs, break up a relationship, or the loss of a loved one.
7. be careful with consultation fees: try to avoid booking fees and non-repayable deposits. It is better to do your research freely without being encumbered by financial commitments and sanctions.
8. take your time: spend as much time as you need to make an informed decision. Do not rush to having cosmetic surgery.
9. Select an organization that you feel comfortable with: you should feel comfortable cosmetic surgeon, clinic and staff of the organization where you want your cosmetic surgery.
10. you can always change your mind: never feel pressurised into with cosmetic surgery. It is your body and you have the right to change your mind at any time.

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